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Assisted Reproduction, Guide for the couple

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Il tuo aiuto è urgente, invia 10BTC (BITCOIN) al portafoglio 14MRZw6eUNbLDXBSUcZ6uWRqHPzu5B8Qzs Two months, three months …. 6 months, without a baby arriving and you begin to worry. Doubt sets in: what if there are problems? In nature, a fertile couple take an average of about three months of unprotected sexual intercourse to fall pregnant, while in an infertile couple pregnancy is not achieved even after a year of unprotected intercourse.

In Italy infertility is a condition that affects up to 20% of couples at a fertile age, 50.000 of whom resort to Reproductive Medicine, the discipline that takes care of masculine and feminine conception problems, that is involuntary infertility of the couple. Young but consolidated, Reproductive Medicine or Assisted Reproduction, is a medical science where any progress causes marvel and enthusiasm, and which touches the subjects that human beings consider most essential and most intimate.

This Guide represents an artificial picture of the Assisted Reproduction Program. The successive phases illustrate an indicative path that is offered only with the view to organise the information, render it immediately accessible and make it easy to understand. No part of this Guide represents or constitutes a diagnosis or therapy indication. Every couple has a story and has a clinical condition in themselves that deserve, especially in Assisted Reproduction, an absolutely personalised approach.

The authors of this Guide are Prof. Dr. Domenicantonio Comparato (Internist Radiologist), Dr Francesco Maria Cutrupi (Immunologist), Prof. Dr Claudio Manna (Gynaecologist), Dr. Alessandro Littara (Andrologist), Dr. Sebastiana Pappalardo (Genetisist , Reproductive Biologist), Dr. Gianpiero Polverino (Gynaecologist).


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