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Recurring miscarriage

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Is the consecutive loss of three or more pregnancies before the 24th week.

About one in one hundred women experiences spontaneous abortion, generally, the more spontaneous abortions a woman has had, higher are the possibilities that this episode occurs again.

The most frequent causes of recurring miscarriage are:

  • anatomic abnormalities of the uerus
  • fibroids
  • cervical “incontinence”
  • hormonal imbalances
  • immunological disturbances.  Today these are considered to be most responsible for habitual abortion: practically the maternal organism produces certain antibodies that “attack” the placenta as if it is a foreign body.  These antibodies cause the increase of coagulation in the vessels of the placenta  and the circulation between the mother and the foetus diminishes to the point of causing death.
  • chromosomal abnormalities

Therapy is generally pharmacological or surgical.

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