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Genetic counselling in infertility

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Following some tests, suspicions of genetic alteration may arise in the mind of the doctor to whom a couple with infertility problems have gone – suspicions that make him request genetic examinations and specific counselling (genetic counselling) to evaluate the possible abnormalities.  Genetic counselling involves a discussion with the geneticist where a detailed (as extensive as possible) family anamnesis is made in order to identify any possibilities of being carriers of genes responsible for genetic pathologies that could be transmitted to your offspring.

When is it useful to undergo genetic counselling  

  • possible abnormalities of the chromosomes (citogenetic)
  • possible abnormalities of the genes, inside the chromosomes (molecular genetic)
  • when there are risks of specific genetic pathologies already present in the family, or because you come from a certain geographical area, the risks of contracting certain pathologies is increased.
  • in cases of partners from the same bloodline
  • in the presence of fertility problems or reproductive pathologies
  • in cases of habitual abortion, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • in the case that during a previous pregnancy the foetus was affected by congenital malformation or genetic illness

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