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Diagnosis of infertility in the couple

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Immunological causes.  These are among the most cited and discussed causes of infertility but they are not the  most frequent.  In fact it seems that they affect a very small number of couples and even when analyses highlight the presence of these factors, it does not mean that they cause infertility.  So called “incompatibility” of a couple practically coincides with the immunological causes of infertility.  What though is meant by “immunology”?  This term means the study of the mechanisms with which the body recognises and/or tolerates its own organs and tissues or defends itself against foreign tissues and organisms.  Recognition and defence occur through particular substances (antibodies), that “attack” the undesired guests.  If the organism identifies as foreign elements that it should tolerate, for example spermatozoa, even these are attacked and immobilised through the production of anti-spermatozoon antibodies.  This way the most common form of immunologic infertility occurs.

Consequently so called “incompatibility” (a term which is very generic and in reality incorrect) occurs when, upon reaching the uterine neck, the spermatozoa find antibodies that block them and stop them from reaching the uterus.  Another type of immunological cause occurs when the male organism produces antibodies against its own spermatozoa (auto-antibodies) causing the spermatozoa to stick to each other and hence cannot continue in the right direction.

Diagnosis of unexplained infertility
This represents 20-30% of all infertility diagnoses.  “Unexplained infertility” means that regardless of all the diagnostic investigations performed, no reason can be found for infertility.  this said there are in existence therapies that can be used even in these situations.  There is no need to worry excessively if the cause of infertility is not found.  What really counts is making the necessary therapeutic attempts without losing too much time.

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