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Therapy for the man

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It is the most important aspect and at the same time the most difficult for human reproduction.  It is important to realise that to follow good and effective therapy, especially if you turn to Assisted Reproduction, it is wise to turn to doctors specialised in this field because a simple doctor is not enough.  We will now list the most frequently used techniques advising that the choice of the different techniques should vary from case to case.

Generally  medical  therapy (based only on drugs), surgical therapy or Assisted Reproduction techniques can be used for the man and also for the woman.  In centres recommended by Fertility onlus particular attention is paid to infertile men to find the causes of their conditions.  The andrological analyses and test can highlight the presence of organic disturbances, even differing from infertility:  

condition: serious abnormalities of the spermiogram
therapy: Medical-Surgical.  Assisted Reproduction

condition: hormonal deficit
therapy: pharmacological.  If a hormonal deficit is the cause of infertility the results are optimal.

condition: varicoceles
therapy: surgical.
Consists of the elimination of the varicose veins that surround the deferent ducts.  It can give good results but it can also be useless or after an initial improvement, it deteriorated very much.  If the operation is performed after the age of 30 it is generally useless

condition:  obstruction of the seminal ducts (infertility from azoospermia), caused by infection or vasectomy
therapy:  Surgical.  Assisted Reproduction

condition : infertility from azoospermia of a suspect type (for example, secretory, that is a serious deficit in the production of  spermatozoa)
therapy:  Assisted Reproduction (TESE)

condition: cryptorchidism
: surgical

condition: infection
therapy: pharmacological,

condition:  unexplained sterility
therapy: Assisted Reproduction

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