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Genetic Analysis
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Ovarian Stimulation & Monitoring (FASE 4)
Ovarian stimulation & monitoring
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Pregnancy Test

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Ovarian stimulation and monitoring

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The ideal quantity of hormones (generally FSH, follicle stimulating hormone) are administered to the woman for a number of days that varies depending on the individual response of the patient, who is monitored with a series of ultrasounds (follicular monitoring) and the measurement of the levels of hormones in the blood (hormonal monitoring) during the course of the therapy.  When the follicles reach the correct dimensions the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is administered –to allow the ova to reach maturity which can be harvested 36 hours later.  The couple is invited to have intercourse once or more after the HCG  injection.

In ovarian stimulation for FIVET (or ICSI) two types of protocol exist: in the long protocol the first phase is called “suppression”, in which the ovaries are put to rest for about 2 weeks starting from the 21st day of the preceding cycle with daily injections or a single injection; the second phase is stimulation, comprising daily injections, morning and night, for about 10 days. In the short protocol stimulation is commenced immediately on the 2nd day of the cycle.

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